Giới thiệu sách SQL: Beginning T-SQL

Kellenberger K., Shaw S. - Beginning T-SQL (The Expert's Voice in SQL Server) - 2014

Contents at a Glance
About the Authors xxiii
About the Technical Reviewer  xxv
Acknowledgments  xxvii
Foreword  xxix
Chapter 1: Getting Started1
Chapter 2: Exploring Database Concepts 19
Chapter 3: Writing Simple SELECT Queries31
Chapter 4: Using Built-In Functions and Expressions 59
Chapter 5: Joining Tables 101
Chapter 6: Building on Subqueries, Common Table Expressions, and Unions127
Chapter 7: Grouping and Summarizing Data 147
Chapter 8: Discovering Windowing Functions169
Chapter 9: Advanced WHERE Clauses193
Chapter 10: Manipulating Data211
Chapter 11: Writing Advanced Queries241
Chapter 12: Understanding T-SQL Programming Logic 275
Chapter 13: Managing Transactions309
Chapter 14: Implementing Logic in the Database 325 
Chapter 15: Working with XML379
Chapter 16: Expanding on Data Type Concepts 403
Chapter 17: Running SQL Server in the Cloud 433
Chapter 18: Where to Go Next?449