Giới thiệu sách Python: Starting out with Python

Starting out with Python

Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer and Programming 

Chapter 2 Input, Processing, and Output

Chapter 3 Simple Functions

Chapter 4 Decision Structrures and Boolean Logic

Chapter 5 Repetition Structures 

Chapter 6 Value-Returning Functions and Modules 

Chapter 7 Files and Exceptions

Chapter 8 Lists and Tuples 

Chapter 9 More About Strings 

Chapter 10 Dictionaries and Sets 

Chapter 11 Classes and Object-Oriented Programming 

Chapter 12 Inheritance 

Chapter 13 Recursion 

Chapter 14 GUI Programming 

Appendix A Installing Python 

Appendix B Introduction to IDLE 

Appendix C The ASII Character Set 

Appendix D Answers to Checkpoints