Main directory system linux

Various directories
We will explore the directory structure in Linux so that it will be useful later on:
• /bin/: This contains commands used by a regular user.
• /boot/: The files required for the operating system startup are stored here.
• /cdrom/: When CD-ROM is mounted, the CD-ROM files are accessible here.
• /dev/: The device driver files are stored in this folder. These device driver
files will point to hardware-related programs running in kernel.
• /etc/: This folder contains configuration files and startup scripts.
• /home/: This folder contains a home folder of all users except the administrator.
• /lib/: The library files are stored in this folder.
• /media/: External media such as a USB pen drive is mounted in this folder.
• /opt/: The optional packages are installed in this folder.
• /proc/: This contains files which give information about kernel and every
process running in OS.
• /root/: This is the administrators home folder.
• /sbin/: This contains commands used by the administrator or root user.
• /usr/: This contains secondary programs, libraries, and documentation
about user-related programs.
• /var/: This contains variable data such as http, tftp, and similar other.
• /sys/: This dynamically creates the sys files